Welcome to the coolest of cool new places in Web 3

Like, literally, it’s really cold here, and that just how CHILL CITY’S millions of snowy citizens like it.

Every Citizen of this ARCTOPOLIS is unique, randomly generated, and pretty dang adorable… and ready to be yours. From tech-birds working downtown, to penguin hipsters in ‘CICLE PARK, and commuters driving in from the CHILLSHIRE suburbs, these birds got style. 

Building a Penguin

Graphic showing sub-zero layer options

The ultimate TLC has been put into creating the penguins of Chill City. Each is programmatically generated 2499 x 2499 pixel image file created using illustrations by artist Josh Blaylock - creator of Chill City, inspired by the comic books Penguin Bros. and Igloo Barbecue that Josh has been drawing since he was barely taller than an actual penguin. Each is reviewed for their cool factor and stored as an ERC721 token on the blockchain. While every penguin has their own unique swagger, the attributes are a mix of rarities:

  • Brisk - Standard Rarity
  • Crispy - Rare!
  • Brain Freeze - Super Rare!
  • Sub-Zero - Super Duper Rare!
Ice Block with Penguin Outline

Minting and Chill

While being created, each penguin is hidden within a frozen block of ice, until fully chilled (about a week after the initial sale launches). Note that it takes some time to show up in your wallet depending on the time of day (not on our end, but with the wallets and other networks).

Once your penguin is revealed remember to show 'em off on the socials, and tag @joshblaylock on Twitter and Clubhouse and @blaylockcomics on Instagram with the tag #chillcitynft

We hope everyone enjoys hanging out with their new penguin peers.

Ice Road-Map, Drive Carefully

We want everyone to collect Chill City penguins for a long time to come, so we’re setting some ambitious goals with smaller benchmarks along the way. If a decade of Kickstarter has taught us anything, it’s all about the long game. Here’s what kicks in as more penguins waddle out of their cubes:

5% SOLD - We’ve covered our costs and rewarded everyone for their sweat equity and are ready to get Chillin

15% SOLD - We will thaw out the PERMAFROSTIES! Six penguins that missed their connecting flights or trains to
the Chill City release. These so-called flightless birds are ‘bout to be airdropped to random wallets!

35% SOLD - The Chill City map is unveiled. Learn about the different neighborhoods that makeup where these waddlers come from and what draws different birds of a feather to different areas.

50% SOLD - We’re halfway there - it’s time for a party! We’ll arrange for a livestream party, and broadcast on Chillcity.io and with some friends in Cryptovoxels - featuring music, live art, and the opportunity for NFT holders to receive another NFT from the art made during the party.

75% SOLD - It’s time for some MIRL! Our webstore will open where we are working on a simple way for NFT holders to create print-on-demand physical items featuring their Chill City character, and other limited edition swag not available to the general public.

85% SOLD - The Chill City Map is activated to reveal deeper peeks into the neighborhoods, and meet new characters.

100% SOLD - Are you kidding? You all are the best! This of course means we must throw another party. But also,, we’ll launch Augmented Reality clues leading to an early access to the next series of Chill City NFTs (because damnit, if we made it this far we’re sure as heck doing more, and we want to do something big).


We hope we answer all your questions here, but if you come up with a new one, please shoot us an email: hello@nervous.net

What's the deal with these Penguins?

You mean aside from being super duper cute? Each Chill City Penguin is created by combining 70 different layers. There are 20,563,200 possible penguins that can be created and we are only making 4,444 of them.

Gif Illustrating how the layers are put together to make each penguin

Total number of assets:

  • Backgrounds - 5 options
  • Body - 5 options
  • Tum Tum - 2 options
  • Pants - 4 options
  • Shoes - 9 options
  • Shirts - 17 options
  • Faces - 14 options
  • Face Accessories - 6 options
  • Head Accessories - 14 options

How to purchase your Penguin NFT?

Connect your wallet to the Chill City Website. We recommend Metamask and Rainbow, but other wallets should connect as well. Once you are connected, you can select the number of penguins you want to purchase and then click the Mint button at the top of the site.

Your wallet will display the current price and the estimated gas fee. You can then accept the transaction and your penguins will arrive shortly. If the gas fees are too high, cancel the transaction and try again later.

Once your transaction is complete your newly minted Penguin will appear in your wallet.

I want to buy a whole Waddle of Penguins, how many can I buy?

There are options to buy a Single (1) Penguin, a Squad (3) of Penguins, a Six Pack (6) of Penguins, and a Flock (9) of Penguins. Buy as many as you would like. The only limit is how many penguins are available.

MetaMask, Rainbow wallet, minting, and revealing

Some things are completely under our control, like the creation of these Penguins, this site, the code for the contract, and so on. However, not everything is. For example, the speed of the networks, how quickly wallets show your collectibles, as well as gas fees. As frustrating as it is, we ask that you remain patient. We are here to help, as much as we're able.

New to NFTs and all of this business?

Here's a great article that may help round out your knowledge on this new, exciting, and sometimes confusing way of collecting, selling, and trading.

How long does minting take?

It should only take a few minutes, but can take up to 10 minutes. If it seems like it is taking a long time check in your wallet to see the status of the transaction.